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Agem Property Group: Client Case Study

Updated: Feb 16

Agem Property Group is a fund management company who specialise in commercial property developments, leasing and investments.


The Problem:

Agem wanted to increase their brand awareness with local investors for new projects, while attracting tenants for their existing properties. J&A were tasked with creating a marketing plan that would generate leads with new local investors, and securing tenants in their properties available for lease.

The Strategy:

J&A conducted a brand workshop with the team and pinpointed Agem’s unique point of difference. They were nimble, approachable and their skilled team enabled them to provide investors with low-risk investment opportunities, and to provide tenants with the space they needed. J&A compiled a marketing plan with relevant marketing channels that focused on these key messages. A new website was built to communicate separately to the two target audiences that were identified, and separate customer journeys were created so the audiences were receiving communication relevant to them.

J&A Services:

  • Brand workshop with the Agem team to understand their position against competitors, and motivators of their target audiences.

  • A marketing plan with how to effectively communicate their key messages.

  • A media and activities plan of channels to reach their desired audiences.

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