• Jade Harman

Celebrities using fame for good.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

This week we chat about The Home Edit making us feel good and bad at the same time, celebrities using their fame for purpose and why Aleesha needs to change up her smoothie game. Our brand feature this week is Keep it Cleaner.

"It's got to be for profit for good, big companies need to step up and do the right thing." - Kristen Bell
"It's a bit of Marie Kondo, a bit of Instagram. And that's exactly why I loved it!" - Aleesha on The Home Edit

In this episode:

  • Aleesha is here for The Home Edit on Netflix, and so is Jade, but is it attainable for everyone? We disagree on this topic.

  • Are we being too harsh on big companies expecting they do more than just bring in profits? J&A discuss the Jay Shetty podcast with Kristen Bell.

  • Is your daily smoothie armed with the right ingredients that don't make you want to snack?

  • J&A discuss Keep It Cleaner, and how their name alone sets objectives for the brand purpose. Does having a name with the brand purpose incorporated help keep you on track?

You'll learn:

  • What's attainable for some, isn't always for others.

  • Our Aussie influencer that rivals The Home Edit.

  • Why celebrities using their fame in a good way can help them with their personal brand purpose.

  • How to keep yourself fuller for longer, so you can keep working!

  • How your brand aesthetic sets the tone for your brand purpose.


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