• Jade Harman

Does creativity make ads more effective?

This week we chat about when creativity in advertising is effective, how brands will struggle to find the right tone this Christmas and why we feel Cadbury should be spreading more joy and bring back the Gorilla ad from 2008. Jade talks about her fave feature in Canva Pro and Aleesha tells us to keep promoting #1.

"The advertising industry really values creativity in the delivery of ads, but do we place too much emphasis on creativity when a boring ad can be just as effective?" - Jade
"If it doesn't achieve the objective for the client, whether that was to sell something or educate the consumer; then you haven't won anything." - Jade

In this episode:

  • We review the findings from a recent meta-analysis from the Journal of Marketing and discuss if creativity makes ads more or less effective.

  • Are brands struggling to find the right tone this Christmas? With the events of 2020 and disruption to normal Christmas production plans, we discuss how this affects the Christmas advertising for the big brands.

  • J&A get excited about Cadbury and reminisce on their ad from 2008 with the gorilla.

"You can be creative without being original. The study showedcreativity with originality was actually less effective." - Aleesha

You'll learn:

  • How far we can take creativity without losing sight of the ad's objectives.

  • How the big brands are navigating Christmas advertising in light of COVID restrictions.

  • How we think Cadbury can reach even more people with the right communications.


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