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InteliCare: Client Case Study

Updated: Feb 16

InteliCare’s 24/7, in-home technology gives you smart insights, direct to your phone, that helps detect and prevent falls and health risks before they happen. It’s an incredibly simple and cost-effective alternative to give people the support they need to live safely and independently at home. InteliCare is a WA-based ASX listed company.


The Brief:

This technology is a completely new product category, the product as well as the brand. We were tasked to create an emotional connection with the brand and IneliCare's target markets. The client needed a memorable campaign that had an emotional connection and communicated that the technology isn't difficult to use, so the consumer wasn't afraid to adopt it.

The Strategy:

J&A workshopped the unique selling proposition with the creative team to pinpoint the biggest issues facing the target market. In consultation with a local, awarded Creative Director, the memorable campaign centred around the key message ‘Worry less. Care more’ showing how InteliCare can help improve lives and relationships with family members.

J&A Services:

  • Development of the creative campaign reverse brief

  • Identifying the unique selling proposition

  • Teamed up with award-winning creative directors in Perth to execute the creative idea and deliverables.

  • Liaised with the media buyers regarding channels in the media mix and what creative assets we would need to create.

  • Creation and management of the campaign rollout calendar including TVC, radio, prerolls, digital display, social media paid ads, social media organic, native articles, website campaign landing page and outdoor.

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