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Rottnest Express: Client Case Study

Updated: Feb 16

Rottnest Express is one of the prefered ferry services to Rottnest Island in Perth. They have a range of other services including, adventure tours, bike and snorkel hire and bus tours.


The Problem:

Just like the rest of the travel industry, COVID travel restrictions had placed uncertainty on the business as many customers during Summer were usually International tourists. For the 2020/2021 Summer period, J&A were tasked with persuading WA locals to visit Rottnest Island for the day on Rottnest Express.

The Strategy:

J&A pinpointed the incentive to travel to Rottnest involved using what we were lacking: tourists. In consultation with a local, awarded Creative Director, the memorable campaign centred around the key message ‘Quick, before all the tourists come back’ showing idyllic Rottnest Island with minimal people.

J&A Services:

  • Development of the creative campaign brief and channel requirements

  • Identifying the unique selling proposition

  • Negotiating the media mix with Perth media buyer to optimise the client spend

  • Creation and management of the campaign rollout calendar including digital video, display, search, radio, website banners, email marketing and social media ads plus organic content.

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