• Jade Harman

Social media or topical media?

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

This week we chat about why social media should be called topical media, if brands should involve themselves in activism, and similar phone hacks so you don't get RSI. Our brand feature this week is Coles.

"Because topicality is a dimension of engagement that is more uniformly experienced across all social media platforms, topical media might be a better name."
"If it's not relevant for your brand, and you're not contributing any value, then you're not seeing any results then don't be there. Don't waste your time put all of your eggs into the basket that is going to work for you." - Jade

In this episode:

  • We review the findings from the journal article on Social Media and Social Media Advertising and are surprised at some of the recommendations!

  • Should celebrities and brands should involve themselves in activism? Tim Minchin discusses choosing when to raise is voice on a progressive issue.

  • J&A get quite heated about Coles Supermarkets - we don't believe in their brand purpose.

If a brand is not talking about a topical conversation, it's a missed opportunity for them to be seen as progressive or compassionate, even if it might not be relevant to the brand. - Aleesha
  • You'll learn:

  • How you know which social media platforms you should be spending your time on, and what ones are the right fir for your brand.

  • Aleesha has an interesting idea on how brands could use their platform to help if they might not necessarily have the relevance to speak out themselves.

  • How we think Coles Supermarkets could become a more genuine brand.


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